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TTM Super Fiber Intense Hydration Mask

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Intense Hydration Mask | Design Framework
Hydration is basically the basics to all skincare routines. Yet have we neglected some basic problems as we adopt different hydrating methods such as instant moist replenishment or long-term hydration?
An unhealthy skin condition resembles a cracked water bottle. No matter how much water you fill in, the water just keeps leaking.

Preventive hydration helps fix the “leak” in our skin.
Boost repair mechanism - Low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid + D-Panthenol provide instant hydration to the skin and provides skin nutrients.

Boost moist retention - Pentavitin and Dual Hyaluronic Acid can provide long-term hydration, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier, reduce skin irritation and discomfort, as well as improve overall skin comfort.

Boost protection - Schizophyllan, a mushroom mycelia extract, features uniquely-structured glucan which provides not only deep hydration but also relief and repair.