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BOM OMG Matt Lip Lacquer in Colour XOXO

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BOM OMG Matt Lip Lacquer - Addicted to matt.
Main points
OMG Long Lasting - Lip color lasts longer with Lip Locker, it locks the color on your lips instead of using lip tinting.
OMG Colouring - Keep your vivid lip color without worrying about fading
OMG Waterproof - Creates a strong waterproof barrier after being applied onto lips
OMG Fixing - Perfect adhesion it feels like you didn’t apply anything
Available in colour 06 XOXO
Other colours available - 01 LOTD / 02 BFF / 03 LoL / 04 TMI / 05 F4F. Please visit our BOM main page to purchase these other available colours.
Made in Korea. In 4g.
Item is sold seperately in 1 piece.